Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm and Berlin. Her art practice oscillate between the material and the immaterial and is grounded in a mixture of conscious and subconscious process, drawing on a variety of media where her choice of particular means/mode of expression is arrived at in relation to the content. Artworks often unfold and overlap over time and may be hidden, evolving or not meant to last, such as installations, interventions and site specific work that exist for a limited time, are dismantled, destroyed or self-destruct, and may be re-created or re-worked at some indeterminate future time and location.

Bewilderment in the face of life’s enduring mysteries, the inevitability of death, our ultimate aloneness, the philosophy of the absurd, and the longing for purpose and meaning in the absence of any obvious meaning or sense to life, are all topics that are close to her heart. She also has an appetite for places that are off the map, in our minutely known and surveilled world, uncharted territory is getting increasingly difficult to find, which in itself gives rise to a sense of loss, calling for imaginary solutions.

In addition to her art-practice she also write spoken word poetry and lyrics that she perform under the alias Ana Dinextra. Projects include Where Everything Falls Out with musicians Kenneth Cosimo from 'The Institute of Highspeed Art' and Graham Lewis from legendary 'Wire'.