"This too shall pass” is a work extending over my lifetime, a task of a lifetime, However long that will be. It is a “mind collage” and a meditation on time where I am leaving a hidden trace of my own existence in places where I am passing through. This is accomplished without adding anything to the world, by an act of sheer rearrangement. It begun at a lover’s house in the summer of 2006 where I removed a screw (screw no 1) which later replaced another screw (screw no 2) in another place. Screw no 2 then replaced yet another screw (screw no 3) in a different location and so on..

Each date and place of these spontaneous interventions/performances are documented together with notes of my own personal emotional state ranging from short notes of mood to more extensive writing as well as local or world news. Lately I have also begun to photograph the site of exchange.

To date I have exchanged  screws  in as far ranging settings as private homes, museums, cathedrals, art-galleries, restaurants, libraries, hospitals, airports, railway stations, government-buildings, police stations, bars, clubs, pubs, music venues, buses, trains, boats, railway stations, hotels, cafes, fast-food outlets, internet-cafes, places of heritage, Royal palaces, occupied houses, derelict buildings, schools, department stores, offices, shops, law-centers, changing rooms, airports and public toilets.

These exchanges has so far taken place in the UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Thailand and is to be continued for the rest of my life, by which end I am hoping to have “rearranged” the whole world.

The last screw in this chain of events, conducted by me, will exchange place with the one screw I cant undo; a screw from my own coffin and will be buried with me. This last exchange will be done by a person especially appointed this task. The screw from my coffin and the documentation of the project  will together form the last step in this durational art work, its completion  by design one I will never experience.