The Jason Art Gallery /I don't Mind if You Forget Me 2004-2010



A new work by Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic

Private view September 3rd 2004, The Jason Art Gallery, 51 Lower Clapton Road, London E5

The frequent fusion of Lowendahl-Atomic’s personal and public life leads to meanings that oscillate between both individual and art world commentary. The artist sites this latest exhibition in an abandoned gallery space owned by others who are unaware of the exhibition being staged- perhaps deliberately interfering with private rights of occupation or highlighting the momentary nature of artist and art world. In addition to the untenable gallery location the surrounding environment will gradually erase the work, questioning motives concerning its status and production

Lowendahl-Atomic’s work represents the physical and public manifestation of investigations into memory, mortality, transience and loss. The accomplished simplicity of the ideas deliver a direct message in which personal statements give clues as to what is hidden. Yet the simplicity is deceiving.  It belies a heavy multi-layering and depth in which the sealed and private nature of the work alludes to a very public concern with the artists’ own practice, one which is located firmly beyond the ephemeral. 

This exhibition links the transient nature of ‘The Jason Art Gallery’ space with Lowendahl-Atomics’ ongoing exploration into legal and tenure concerns, it also explores integral themes of ownership and permanence. 

Rachel Louis Hamer.