2000 London College of Printing, MA Enterprise and Management in the   fine arts  ( unfinished)

1995  Chelsea College of Arts, BA (Hons) Fine Art, United Kingdom  

1992   University of East London  DIP HE Fine Art, United Kingdom 



2015  - Art Athina, Athens, Greece



2013  - Art Athina, Athens, Greece

2013 - Supermarket, Stockholm, Sweden 

Selected Exhibitions

2013 - Tradition och innovation i tryckta bilder, Uppsala Art Museum , Uppslala, Sweden, [catalogue]  

2013 - Secret Wars, Proteus Gowanus, New York, US  (curated by EungieJoo, [catalogue])  

2012 - I Betraktarens Ögon, Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden [catalogue, Swedish and English]   

2012 - The British Muesum, Muesum Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2009 -  Mind the Gap, WAM 2nd Exhibition 30 National and International Female Artists, Crypt Gallery, London, United Kingdom (curated by EungieJoo,)  

2009 - Spuren, Kunstraum t27, Berlin, Germany 

2009Britain’s Rubbish, Art one grenzen, Berlin  (curated by Alex Chapel)

2008The Famous, the Infamous & the Really Quite Good, Decima, London, United Kingdom. (curated by EungieJoo, [catalogue])

2006Gift, Museum of Man, Liverpool, United Kingdom

2006 - Objects in Waiting, End Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, United Kingdom

2005 - Solo Exhibition, Great Expectations, Centrifug, Konsthall C, Stockholm, Sweden

2000 - Uppstickare, Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala Sweden (curated by Johanna Sydstrand [catalogue])

2000 - Solo Exhibition, Chercher Le Pe’re, (Portrait of Father) Galleri Strömbom, Uppsala, Sweden   

2000 democracy! 'Quitters’, ‘Quitting, the path to success!, Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom. (curated by Martin Clark and Mark Dickenson, in response to directive by Cesare Pietroiusti) [catalogue])

2000 -  Les Infants Terribles, Fordham Gallery. London, United Kingdom

1999 - Was Jesus Gay?, Decima, London, United Kingdom  (curated by Alex Chapel, [catalogue])

1998 - Den 53 Staten, Norre Port Galleri, (curated by Swedish television culture series Synk)

1993 - Techno Vision, Zap Art International group exhibition, The F Stop Photography Gallery,  Bath, United Kingdom (curated by Peter Gudynas,[catalogue])  



(custom gallery)

2014 -  Same Standing, Project Space Festival Berlin Day 16, Kreutzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany (curated by Mina Minov) 

2014 - Gib Laut, Kreutzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany (curated by Elke Graalf)

201248 Stunden Neukölln, 14 Kunst und Kulturfestival, Berlin

2012 For one night only, Konst Apoteket, Stockholm

2011 -  The Forgotten Bar, Berlin, Germany

2011 -  Vårsalong och kulturklubb, Kulturföreningen Pluto, 14 May Stockholm   

2010 -  48 Stunden Neukölln, Kunst und Kulturfestival, Berlin

2009 -  Christmas Palm, 6 locations: Freies Muesum, Absence of Art, Der Ort, Tacheles, Vox, Whiteconcepts and Xero, Berlin, Germany.  (curated by Marcin Kowalik)  

2009 -  48 Stunden Neukölln, Kunst und Kulturfestival, Berlin 

2008 -  A Night of Hackney Adventures, Round Chapel, London, United Kingdom

2006 -  The Experiments 1.0, Experimental Art, Perfmormance ans Live Music! Gurilla Zoo at Corsica Arts Club, London United Kingdom

1999 -  Portrait Booth’, Fordham Gallery. London 

1999Artist Car Boot, Fordham Gallery, London, United Kingdom

1997 -  Women in Focus Festival, Mavis Goes Shopping, (curated by Tessa Hearn and Cass Wedd) 




1999 - Private View Review ( In collaboration with Piers Jamson)

1998 -  Meanwhile in London (In collaboration with Thom McIntosh) for Synk, Swedish Television

COLLABORATIONS - Music and Recordings

2008 - Touch Don't Touch (In collaboration with Jayrope)

Where Everything Falls Out ( In collaboration with Kenneth Cosimo and Graham Lewis)


Where Everything Falls Out, 2008, digital album, Listen on Spotify

Touchdonttouch, Bar25 compilation



1998 - Scrapbook, Web project, for Synk, Swedish Television 

1994 -  Holocaustic Soda, Album Cover

1993Psychoderelict, Pete Townsend, Artwork used for Album cover 

2000 -  Cut it Out, (Pamphlet included with Contemporary Visual Arts magazine to subscribers, issue 30)


2008 Where Everything Falls Out, Performance at Motståndsfestivalen, Sweden


2013 - Selected to participate in Grosses Treffen, Portfolio review, Scandinavian Artists meet German Curators, Nordic Enbassy Berlin 2013

2007 - Nominated for Centrifug Art Award



The Museum Brochure, self published, open edition, 2011

This Too Shall Pass, 2009

Anna Livia Lowendahl-Atomic: 'Portrait of Father', Stimulus Respond - the e-zine for urban anthropologists, issue  11 - Family, April/May 2006. 

2002 Oppurtunisme', Bil Bok, Magazine des Errances Contemporaries, No 15/00


A Selection of Interesting Secrets from Various Stages in my Life, 2000, Uppsala Artmuseum  

Cut it out, 1999, self published, open edition

 Questionmark 1992