What is on the other side? The Otohgraphs'* (also known as Muesum Fragments) is a collection of lost, left behind or thrown away family photographs, collected and altered by Löwendahl-Atomic who trace the subjects with a scalpel, partly cut them out, then turn the photos over, in order to make visible any notes and scribbles found on the back (we are not allowed to see the front). The series begun in 2009 as part of her project The M{ }esum, each Otohpgraph is stamped and numbered to form part of the Muesum Collection. The result, haunting and delicate works with a relief like quality, echo the presence of absence, serve as clues to lost individual stories, and explore the nature of obsolescence, while embracing broader themes such as the passage of time, memory, loss and mortality.

* Otohp = Photo, in reverse

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