The Portable M{ }esum is an easily carried travelling version of The M{ }esum Archive (colloquially The Muesum Archive), an archival art project which form part of Löwendahl Atomics ongoing and multifaceted project The M{ }esum. With the M( )esum, Löwendahl-Atomic engage in “collecting” not as assembling objects but as an act that makes absence visible.

The  Portable M{ }esum is used for touring and public interventions where Löwendahl-Atomic invite the public to donate information about n∅bjects i.e. objects, entities, ideas, notions, histories, beliefs, memories, feelings, artifacts, directions, plans, and everything inbetween, that have been abandoned, rejected, overlooked, destroyed, suppressed, forgotten, obsolete, unrealised or in anyway lost.

The Portable M{ }esum can also be booked to visit you.