The foreignness of what you no longer are, no longer possess, or haven’t yet become lies in wait at the m{ }esum.  What the m{ }esum in fact is, we may never know. It can in many ways be seen as an universal depository for all our lost, ideals, selves, relationships, relatives, utopias, pens, lighters, memories, work, potential, directions, braincells and unrealised possibilities. The m{ }esum is bigger than you can imagine and yet it takes up no space. With a collection that is simultaneously intangible and forever expanding, most of it remains hidden, the specifics irretrievable, for only that which is lost or missing can enter the m{ }esum.

However, do not be fooled into thinking that the m{ }esum is a fictive m{ }esum, or some kind of philosophical or esoteric joke, for the m{ }esum, despite archaeology’s inability to prove its existence is not mere abstractions or conceptual titillations. Rather the m{ }esum, one of its kind, is the world’s largest and most significant m{ }esum to specialise above all in absence, loss and unrealised possibilities, known as n∅bjects*.

 T H E  M { } E S U M   C O L L E C T I O N

The M{ }esum, is widely considered to be the world’s greatest muesum of lost human history and culture. The diverse and manifold m{ }esum collection include n∅bjects* dating from ancient times to the present day, and beyond, in virtually every category. From missing masterpieces to the unpublished, unfinished and undone. From the burned down Great Library of Alexandria to your lost  socks. From the historic, celebrated, far reaching and consequential to the forgotten, undocumented, worthless and obscure. From the personal to the collective. The m{ }esum  contains uncountable sets of n∅bjects*, many unknown, it is thus impossible to determine the collection’s size with any certainty, nonetheless, since the the m{ }esum specialises in absence and all things lost, in theory the  collection is always complete, even when parts are missing.

M { } E S U M   D I R E C T I O N S

The exact location of the m{ }esum is debated though it is generally believed that the m{ }esum resides within itself.  Others argue that the M{ }esum  exists only as a myth or a rumour, for by definition it is out of reach. (See the ‘muesum paradox’) Yet details of sightings and possible m{ }esum portals have been recorded in places, most recently in Berlin, where for the convenience of the m{ }esum visitor a public wing of the m{ }esum opened  its doors on november the 5th. 2011

Here you may find the m{ }esum attendant, meticulously cataloging n∅bjects into the Muesum Archive or lovingly tending to your lost hats and scarves, to your lost trust in political systems, to the memory of a body,  to your old ego,  to your numerous lost telephones, to your future plans,  to your lost cause, to your unfulfilled  desires and  to the answer that you never received.

The m{ }esum was established/founded/discovered/created in 2009, by the artist Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic.  A work in progress, it embody a series of paradoxes and oscillate/interweave between the manifest/metaphysical, between the visible and the hidden, between the hole and the whole, and between truth and fiction.

The M{ }seum  is always in danger of becoming part of its own collection, of being lost unless preserved.