"This too shall pass” is a “mind collage” and a meditation on time where I am leaving a hidden trace of my own existence in places where I am passing through. This is accomplished without adding anything to the world, by an act of sheer rearrangement."


The project came into being at a lovers house in London, during the July heatwave of 2006, when I decided to leave a small hole in his wall  by removing a screw, hence known as 'Screw No. 1'. Later on that same day, I repeated this action elsewhere, but instead of leaving another hole, I used the screw from my lovers house,  'Screw No. 1', as a replacement for the 2nd screw, hence known as 'Screw No 2.', which later exchanged place with 'Screw No. 3' , which later replaced 'Screw No. 4', which later took the place of 'Screw No.5' and so on.. to be continued for the duration of the rest of my life.

Each step of the execution i.e. date, place and site of exchange is documented in written, photographic, and/or other form, together with a record of my own mood and fleeting thoughts, ranging from short notes to more extensive writing as well as current news. 

To date I have exchanged  several hundreds of screws  in as far ranging settings as private homes, museums, cathedrals, art-galleries, restaurants, libraries, hospitals, airports, railway stations, government-buildings, police stations, bars, clubs, pubs, music venues, buses, trains, boats, railway stations, hotels, cafes, fast-food outlets, internet-cafes, places of heritage, Royal palaces, occupied houses, derelict buildings, schools, department stores, offices, shops, law-centers, changing rooms, airports and public toilets. 

These exchanges has so far taken place in the UK, USA, France, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Thailand and is to be continued for the rest of my life, by which end I am hoping to have “rearranged” the whole world.

The last screw in this chain of events, conducted by me, will exchange place with the one screw I cant undo; a screw from my own coffin.

This last exchange will be done by a person especially appointed this task. The screw from my coffin and the documentation of the project  will together form the last step in this durational art work, its completion  by design one I will never experience.




An Epically Pointless Proof of Life (art) Or This Text Too Shall Pass. written by Rachel Lois Clapham in dialogue with Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic